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December Employee of the Month!

December's employee of the month is Artist B. He has been a member of the Ambassador team since November 2018. He is a member of our Guest Services team as a Shuttle Driver. He is a shining example of delivering exemplary customer service to our guests. He has earned the praise and gratitude of the Ambassador family. Here are some of the wonderful things that our team had to say about him...

Kasandra said: "You are always on time and never say 'No" when we need a hand. Thank you!"

Ryan said:

"You know how to pitch in with the team to help us succeed! Thank you!

Jon said:

"You always remain pleasant and upbeat...Thanks, Artist!"

Amy said:

"You are always professional and courteous with our guests. You provide excellent customer service and we are proud to have you as a member of our team!"

Artist choose $50 cash as a well-deserved prize!

Way to go Artist! You ROCK and we appreciate all you do!

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