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March Employee of the Month!

Earlier in the year we announced that we would be sharing our fabulous "Employee of the Month" winners because we LOVE sharing about how great our team members are!

March's employee of the month is Luis. Luis is one of our fabulous culinary team members. He has gone above and beyond to help out wherever the kitchen needs it whether he has been asked to help or not. He often jumps in to help without even being asked to!

Here are some of the wonderful things that our team had to say about him...

Doug said: "Luis you have gone above and beyond these last three weeks and it does not go unnoticed!! You not only keep the high standard that we expect in the kitchen when it comes to the food but you have also picked up the slack with not having a dishwasher. Thank you for working hard every shift but an even bigger thanks for the last few weeks! You rock!"

Analyssa said: "Thanks for always jumping in and washing dishes when we need them. It’s been rough since we lost our dishwasher but you wouldn’t know any day that you’re around because all the dishes are always caught up. You rock, thanks so much!"

Connie said: "You do outstanding work--going above and beyond! I love seeing your positive attitude everyday and I know you are a hard worker that exceeds at almost everything you do. You are appreciated and I want to thank you! :)"

Way to go Luis! You ROCK and we appreciate all you do!

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