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Team Member of the Month | February 2020

We're already two months into the new year and and we are continuing the tradition of naming a "Team Member of the Month" and sharing (bragging?) about our amazing team members! Our "Team Member of the Month" winners have a choice of prizes; $50 cash, 8 Hours of PTO or a $50 Restaurant Gift Card (our team members receive half off in our restaurants so this is actually worth $100!). This month's "Team Member of the Month" is Kelly S. She is a member of our Guest Services

team and works at the hotel's front desk. She has been a member of the Ambassador team since 2019. She is respected and well liked by the Guest Services team as well as by all other team members. She provides excellent customer service to our guests and always has a positive attitude. She is always willing to help our the team when asked.

Here are some of the nice things fellow team members have said about Kelly...

"Kelly - THANK YOU for always being willing to help out when needed! Thank you for helping us when we needed shifts covered at the last minute. It is very appreciated and does not go unnoticed!"

- Amy

"Thank you so much for helping me do the mini bar project! I really appreciate it!"

- Jennifer

"You provide excellent service to our guests. Keep up the great service! You are appreciated!"

- Connie

"Thank you for always being on time and at the desk ready to assist our guests. Your dedication to the job is appreciated!"

- Kasandra

Join us in saying "Thank you" to Kelly for all she does and congratulating her on a job well done!

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