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Hotel Travel Tips

Have you ever wondered why you can check out late sometimes but not others? Have you wondered why you have to wait until 4pm to check in? Do you ever wonder if you are truly getting the best rate at a hotel? Well, let's answer some of these questions and unveil some of the mystery of hotel travel.

Early Check-in and Late Check-out

A hotel has a finite number of guest rooms. When guests check out of their room, there is generally (ideally for the hotel) a new guest that will be checking into that guest room. After a guest check out the Housekeeping department needs to service and sanitize the guest room to prepare it for the new arriving guest. This must occur between the time that the first guest checks out and the new guest is due to check in. The number of housekeepers scheduled is based on the size of the hotel and the number of guest rooms that are occupied at the hotel. For example, our hotel has 135 guest room. The day after a sold out night we ideally schedule 12-15 housekeepers. This results in each housekeeper being assigned 9-11 guest rooms to clean. The room assignments will consist of a mix of "Check-out" and "Stay-over" rooms. "Check-out" rooms are guest rooms where the guests are checking out of the hotel. "Stay-over" rooms are guest rooms where the guests are staying over an additional night(s). Checkout rooms require at least 35 minutes to clean. Sometimes it can take much longer to clean a checkout room if the guests were particularly messy. Stay-over rooms take about 15 minutes per room. Again, it depends on the cleanliness of the guest that is occupying the room. At our hotel check-out time is 11am. Check-in time is 4pm. This means that between the hours of 11am and 4pm 135 guest rooms need to be cleaned. If the hotel has rooms that are unoccupied the night before and are ready for new guests to check in hotels are usually happy to allow early check-in. Keep in mind that the type of room that the guest has reserved needs to be available. The same concept applies to late check-out. If the hotel does not need to "turn over" the guest room for a new guest checking in usually hotels do allow late check-out.

Be Sure You Have Found the Best Rate

The way to find the absolute best deal is to book directly with hotels. With so many travel websites these days, it seems as if guests would find the best deal on one of the popular sites. However, hotels are forced to pay those sites commission! So, if you pay a travel website a certain amount of money to stay at a hotel, the hotel itself only receives a portion of that money. Therefore, it always makes sense to book directly with the hotel. If a rate is found from a travel website that is less than what the hotel itself is quoting you, the hotel should always want to match that rate (after verifying that it is published, of course). Booking directly with the hotel also protects you, as often travel websites have non-refundable policies and are difficult to work with from a customer service standpoint, as it is not as personal as communicating directly with the hotel. Also, when you communicate directly with our hotel you will receive accurate information with great customer service.

Earn Points for Free Stays at Amazing Independent Hotels

You don't need to stay at a hotel chain to earn free nights and travel perks. We belong to an exclusive group of independent hotels. The name of our loyalty program is "Stash Hotel Rewards". Our program allows guests to earn points that can be used for free stays at some of the best independent hotels in the U.S. with Stash Hotel Rewards. This program encourages people to experience more meaningful travel by staying at distinctive hotels that offer an alternative to the typical big-chain properties. Stash members earn points and free stays considerably faster than other rewards programs. Also, unlike typical big-box rewards programs,m there are NO blackout dates! Every time you stay at the Ambassador Hotel Milwaukee or other fantastic independent hotels, you’re rewarded with points that will earn you free stays. Plenty of unique properties are participating in the program, from historic inns to stunning resorts. Stash Rewards also offers a credit card that allows guests to earn point from purchases. Contact us to learn more about the Stash Hotel Rewards program or click HERE.

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