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20 Things to do while staying “Safe At Home”:

1. Complete a puzzle.

2. Read a book. Reading is a great way to clear your mind from stress!

3. Clean & organize the pantry/refrigerator.

4. Learn a new language.

5. Have a dance party. Music & dancing is good for the soul!

6. Have a family bake-off. Everyone bakes something different and you can all enjoy the delicious desserts after.

7. Make a summer bucket list! Take this time to organize & plan out all of your summer activities.

8. Try new at-home workouts or go for a run outside. Get into an exercise routine just in time for summer.

9. Family movie night. Enjoy popcorn, soda & movies with the family. (Wine, beer, or your favorite cocktails for the parents!)

10. Go outside for a walk to enjoy the sunshine & get some fresh air.

11. Your current travel plans may have been cancelled but you can still plan your upcoming vacations. It’s never too early to book vacations!

12. Spring cleaning! Now is the perfect time to deep clean your house. This checklist is a perfect guide to refer to!

13. De-clutter your closet. Get rid of old clothes, donate what you don’t want anymore and make room for new Spring/Summer clothes!

14. Make dinner together as a family. Teach the kids how to cook and enjoy quality family time together.

15. Write a note to your loved ones. A hand written note goes a long way!

16. We miss our customers coming in for happy hour…but you can plan a virtual Happy Hour with your friends! Mix up your favorite cocktail and cheers with your friends over Face Time!

17. Sidewalk chalk with the kids. Write positive, uplifting phrases to spread the positive vibes!

18. Take this time to give your furry friends extra love & attention! If you’re typically away from home a lot, your pets will love this extra time with you!

19. Catch up on your ongoing to-do list. Summer will be here before we know it. Get your at-home projects done now so you can enjoy the beautiful weather when its here!

20. Stay on top of postponed concerts, shows & events. Once cancelled events & concerts are re-scheduled, you'll want to mark your calendars ASAP!

“We can’t control the events and circumstances of life, but we can control how we react”

Try out some of our ideas to stay busy and have fun during life's current circumstances. Enjoy your time with family and stay safe & healthy!

Your Ambassador Family

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1 Comment

Bridget Kumbella
Bridget Kumbella
Mar 24, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing these thoughtful and practical tips. Very great for the mind and soul.

Stay safe and look out for each other.

Your former guest

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