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Employees of the Month!

We LOVE sharing about how great our team members are! We are excited to announce that we will now be sharing our employees of the month with our readers! Here's how our employee of the month is chosen...

Each of our team members has the capability to award an "impression" to their fellow team members on our company intranet. An "impression" is kind of like an online "good job" or "thank you". Any time someone observes a coworker doing something above and beyond for a guest, helping another employee, does something nice for another employee or simply feels like saying "I enjoy working with you" we are able to submit an impression along with a note about why the impression was awarded. When we log in to our company intranet we are able to view all of the impressions that have been awarded to our coworkers so we are constantly reminded about how seriously talented our team is and how lucky we are to come to work each day surrounded by hospitality awesomeness.

At the end of each month the person with the most impressions for the month is the winner! Our winners are able to choose one of three prizes...an extra paid vacation day, a gift card for use at our restaurants (that can also be combined with our employee discount!) or a VISA gift card.

November's employee of the month was Rico. Here are some of the wonderful things that our team had to say about him...

Jennifer said: "You do outstanding work--going above and beyond!"

Amy said: "Thank you for agreeing to leave and come back to work a later shift after you were already partially into your shift today after a coworker who called in sick. I realize that it makes for a very long day and is disorienting to your schedule. Your willingness to help out without any hesitation is NOTICED an appreciated!"

Chay said: "You inspire excellence and lead us all to achieve more together. You are a great leader, very funny as well. Thank you!"

December's employee of the month is Kasandra. Here are some of the sweet comments that our team had to say about her...

Chay said: "Every time I call from Reservations with a question, Kassy is always able to help me! I appreciate you girly! Thank you!"

Taurus said: "You are appreciated, thank you! I had a couple of rough mornings, but you always come through for me and help me out when needed the most...that I am truly thankful for."

Parker said: "You roll up your sleeves and help out when needed! I always appreciate your get it done attitude and work ethic - top notch! Thanks!"

Way to go Rico and Kasandra! You both ROCK and we appreciate all you do!

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