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Wash Your Hands, Wash Your House! Time for some Spring Cleaning!

Updated: Apr 2

We're told to wash our hands, now more than ever...but keeping up on a clean house is just as important! While you're staying 'Safe At Home', it's the perfect time to deep clean your house. Make it fun by playing music & getting the whole family involved! Split the jobs up between family members, and use an organized cleaning schedule to make sure you don't miss anything. Our Housekeeping Department has several schedules & organizational methods to make sure everything from the lobby, to the rooms are clean & tidy for all of our guests. We’ve put together some helpful tips to share with you to make your Spring house cleaning a little easier and more enjoyable!

*Organizing Tips: Split up your house into sections; kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, etc. Focusing on each room separately will make your cleaning schedule more efficient & keep you organized!

*Scheduling Tips: Dividing your cleaning tasks into “daily tasks”, “weekly tasks”, “monthly tasks” etc. will help you to stay organized and on top of all the tasks that need to be done. By doing this, you will get little jobs done throughout the week/month so that everything doesn’t pile up into one huge to-do list.

Add or remove tasks to personalize the following lists to best fit your needs and enjoy the simplicity of house cleaning!

Daily Tasks:

-Make beds

-Wipe down counters

-Load/Unload the dishwasher

-Wipe down sink


-Laundry/Put clothes away

-Take out trash

-Open and sort mail

Weekly Tasks:

-Wipe up spills in the fridge/toss expired food


-Vacuum Rugs


-Clean inside of microwave

-Clean mirrors

-Change bedding

-Clean sink/countertops

-Clean tub/shower

-Clean toilet

Monthly Tasks:

-Dust blinds/Vacuum curtains

-Wash windows

-Wipe cupboard doors

-Clean fridge

-Clean oven/stove

-Clean small appliances

-Wash trash can

-Dust/Vacuum whole house

Every 3-6 Months Tasks:

-Clean kitchen range hood

-Wash shower curtain liner

-Clean under/behind furniture

-Clean patio/deck surfaces and furniture

-Wash pillows/comforters

-Freshen drains/garbage disposal

-Clean inside of oven

-Clean out freezer

Yearly Tasks:

-Clean fireplace & chimney

-Deep clean carpet & upholstery

-Deep clean windows

-Clean around dryer & vents

-Clean drapes & curtains

-Clear out gutters

Happy House Cleaning!

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