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Meet The Chef

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Please join us in welcoming Chef Michael Magee to the Ambassador Hotel team!

Chef Michael Magee was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was drawn to the tastes and scents of the familiar creole-style cooking that surrounded him growing up. He started his fascination with cooking at a young age, following his grandmother around the kitchen "always at the hem of her apron". Prior to beginning his formal culinary education, Chef Michael served in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005 he recognized the need for cooks in the city and decided that cooking would be a way that he could "give back" to his community as it struggled to rebuild.

In 2008, Chef Michael graduated from The Culinary Institute of New Orleans. From there, he was able to gain experience at celebrated New Orleans restaurants such as Muriel's Jackson Square, La Foret and most notably; Restaurant August. He worked with top-notch chefs such as Master Chef James Corwell, Chef Guy Sockrider, Chef John Besh and Chef Michael Gulotta. He perfected his techniques and culinary style under their mentorship while gaining the experience he needed to be successful in the restaurant world. In order to ensure that he experienced a well-rounded variety of cuisine and cooking styles, he participated in stages across the country. A few of the notable restaurants that he worked in are Primo in Maine, L20 in Chicago and Quince in California.

In 2012 Chef Michael relocated to Madison, WI. He began his professional journey in Wisconsin as the Executive Chef at The Wise Restaurant & Bar. In 2018 he relocated to Milwaukee where he lead the team at View MKE. Drawing inspiration from his New Orleans roots as well as from Milwaukee's German heritage, he created seasonally inspired dishes. Most recently, Chef Michael worked in management with the culinary operation at Destination Kohler, one of the region's top collections of exceptional restaurants, hotels, country clubs and golf courses.

Chef Michael joined the Ambassador team in early September. He has been working to develop his culinary team. He recently launched an updated menu in Gin Rickey. He updated the menu to reflect the Autumn season as well as to put his spin on some of our local favorites. He will be working on doing the same with Deco Cafe's breakfast menu next. Another exciting task at the top of his list is to bring back weekend brunch! We are currently working on ways to incorporate our popular brunch items from the past as well as to conceptualize a guest experience different than what other venues in MKE currently offer. Re-opening The Fitz is also high on the list of "To-Do's".

Chef Michael lives in Milwaukee with his young family. Both Chef Michael and the Ambassador family hope that this is just the beginning of many years working together to bring great food to a great city!

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